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Friday, August 12, 2005

Erotic Lingerie Stolen 55 Pounds

Now, this indeed takes the cake!

Police in Oklahoma have arrested, what has to be a real desperate man, with 55 pounds of erotic lingerie and women's underwear!

The guy reportedly stole all this erotic lingerie and built quite an impressive collection over a period of time.

The thief had broken into the same house 5 times to steal some more erotic lingerie before the couple said, enough, and were waiting for him this time. The thief was hit with a wooden stick removed from the crib of the couple's baby before they called the police.

Man... this is a bit too much... well, I'm an erotic lingerie lover as well... but I love erotic lingerie on a woman's sexy body and not the way this guy's been going about it.

Phewwww... some guys just can't keep their hands off erotic lingerie come what may, it seems ;-)

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